Delta Element Steam Trap

Delta Element / Bi Metallic Steam Traps

Steam traps that will provide years of trouble-free service with no live steam loss. The Delta Element trap can operate in applications with constant back pressure of up to 70% of inlet pressures.

BTCS Series Sanitary Steam Trap

Steam Traps

Along with the Delta Element steam traps, Bestobell also offers thermodynamic disc traps, sanitary clean steam traps and capsule traps.

IB18H Series Bucket Traps

Inverted Bucket Traps

The inverted bucket trap is a simple design that has a unique leverage system that multiples the force provided by the bucket to open the valve against pressure.

FTH-10 Series Float & Thermostatic Trap

Float & Thermostatic Traps

When steam pressure may vary from maximum steam supply pressure to vacuum, float & thermostatic traps are your most energy-efficient choice. If you need performance, dependability and long life to trapping services requiring continuous drainage with high air venting capacity, we can help.

Total Trap 2 & 3

Total Traps

A line of compact, thermodynamic style steam trap stations for saturated steam designed to efficiently discharge condensate on applications with working pressures up to 2000 psig (138 bar) and temperatures up to 1000°F (538°C).

Pressure Regulator


Specialized accessories are offered to maximize the efficiency of your systems including pressure regulators, steam detectors and y-type strainers.

GSM17 Series Capsule Trap

Capsule Traps

Capsule traps with built-in strainers for use in or around harsh environments.

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