Steam Leak Detection

Bestobell's SteamTector 2 offers high sensitivity and great sound quality in a compact package designed for one hand operation. Included in a hard shell case is the instrument, flexible wave guide, headset, touch probe and battery. For industrial steam trap testing nothing can compare! The contact sensor is a proprietary design that delivers a clear signal which is surprisingly free of hiss or electrical "noise". The SteamTector 2 will accurately test steam traps and valves for internal leaks. It will accurately record the ultrasonic sound signatures of bearings and other moving machinery to gauge the extent of wear and predict failure BEFORE it occurs.

Features & Benefits
  • Highly sensitive
  • Small and simple to use
  • Runs on a 9v battery
  • Patented technology
  • Designed for use in areas of low to moderate background noise

Size: 4.6″ x 2.4″ x 0.87″

Weight: 4.5 oz

Construction: Durable ABS and anodized aluminum

Display: 10 element bargraph

Headset: dynamic 32 ohm

Carry Case: Hard shell, with foam inserts

Battery: 9 volt cell, 15 hours continuous life

Headset: dynamic 32 ohm

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