Freeze Protection & Drainage, Tracer (sub-cooled)

Commonly used as an automatic drain for freeze-proof protection of condensate return systems and manifolds and on tracer systems where maximum use of BTU's from condensate is desired. Single blade element offers long-term, trouble-free service because it's not prone to dirt build-up as encountered with many other bimetal designs.

Features & Benefits
  • Easy maintenance – traps are in-line repairable when isolated from live steam system and can be up and running again in minutes
  • Stainless Steel internals – leads to longer service life since materials are highly resistant to fatigue and corrosion
  • Modulating discharge – automatically adjusts to operating pressure and load, overcoming problems associated with cyclic discharge
  • Continuous air and CO2 venting – maximizes heat transfer while minimizing corrosion
  • Unique valving operation – specifically designed to be closed steam-tight above 180°F (82°C)

Sizes: 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″

Body Material: Carbon Steel

Max Allowable Pressure: 750 psi (51,7 bar)


Delta Element Warranty

Bestobell's delta element steam traps have up to a three year warranty guaranteeing no live steam loss. Find out more!

  • CRN (Canadian Registration Number)

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