Float & Thermostatic Traps

The FTH-10 Series float and thermostatic steam traps are designed to freely remove large quantities of condensate from systems where dirt and oil are not excessive. They can be found on receivers, separators, intercoolers, reservoirs and driplegs.

How it works:

When steam is turned on, the float is resting in its lowest position with the valve closed. Condensate entering the trap does not begin to lift the float until the valve seat is covered. After this level is reached, any further addition of condensate will raise the float, the higher the level the greater the valve opening. The FTH019 Series steam traps are designed to modulate the flow of condensate with the rise and fall of the float as changes in condensate level occur within the trap cover. All working parts of the trap are attached to the body casting for easy repair access. Designed for inline servicing, the unit may be inspected and parts replaced without breaking any pipe connections.

Features & Benefits
  • Straight through body design which eliminates staggered piping usually associated with this type of seat trap
  • In-line maintenance – all parts
  • Steam cannot reach condensate discharge valve with normal, clean operation

Sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″

Body Material: Cast Iron

Max. Allowable Pressure: 250 psi (17 bar)

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