To qualify for Bestobell Steam Express, the following conditions must be met:

  • Multiple Purchase Orders for 5 units will not be accepted without prior factory approval
  • With the exception of DT711 models, maximum numbers of traps per purchase order is five (5)
  • Purchase orders for DT711 ½” and ¾” traps is ten (10) units per purchase order
  • Net 30 days with approved credit references
  • Freight pre-paid and add unless specified by representative
  • FOB Cincinnati, OH USA
  • Specify Bestobell Steam Express at time of order, use special part number and require factor confirmation
  • Traps must be ordered as listed, no special conditions, tests, modifications or alterations may be done.

Bestobell Steam Express Next Business Day – order must be received by 2:00pm EST Monday through Friday