Non-Sanitary Disc Trap, Thermodynamic Trap

Bestobell's DTCS210 Series is a 1/2" 316L Stainless Steel thermodynamic disc trap that is compact with a lightweight design and tri-clamp® end connections.

This non-sanitary trap is constructed of 316L Stainless Steel which offers better corrosion resistance than other thermodynamic traps. It meets the requirements of quick response applications in the steam system. Condensate entry below the disc, concentric to the disc/seat ensures a clean parallel lift of the disc with reference to the seat, eliminating localized wear and tear.

The DTCS210 is ideal for fluctuating loads and pressures. It is virtually maintenance free with a one year replacement warranty.

Features & Benefits
  • Lighweight design and tri-clamp® end connections
  • Ideal for fluctuating loads and pressures
  • One year replacement warranty

Maximum Pressure Allowable: 227 psig (15,6 bar)

Maximum Operating Pressure: 227 psi (15,6 bar)

Maximum Temperature Allowable: 842°F (450°C)

Line Sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″

End Connections: Tri-Clamp®

Options: 20 Ra external finish

Weight: 1.7  lbs (0,77 kgs)

Maximum operating back pressure at the outlet should not exceed 80% of the inlet

Minimum differential pressure for satisfactory operation 3.5 psi (0,24 bar)

Body: AISI 316L

Disc Cap: AISI 316L

Disc: AISI 316L

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