Total Trap Stations

The Total Trap 4 is a compact, thermodynamic style steam trap station for superheated steam applications designed to efficiently discharge condensate on applications with working pressures up to 2000 psig (138 bar) and temperatures up to 1000°F (538°C).

Features & Benefits
  • One-piece, self-contained total steam trap station
  • Disc trap with replaceable cartridge, disc and cap (easily replaced in the field without uninstalling the complete trap station)
  • Strainer
  • Blow-down & by-pass capabilities
  • Integral isolation valves with ability to free-vent
  • Installation requires only 2 welds and less than 14″ of space end-to-end
  • Optional size inlet and outlet hub ends, material and sizes designed to meet customer piping applications
  • Flush plug to flush disc trap and internal porting when desired

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Max Operating Pressure: 2000 psi (138 bar)

Max Differential Pressure: 12800 psi (124 bar)

Max Operating Temp: 1000°F (538°C)

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