Drain & Tracer

A line of lightweight, yet rugged, steam traps that provide modulating discharge of light condensate loads without the loss of live steam. These fully maintainable steam traps feature energy-efficient operation with excellent start-up capacities for services with operating pressures up to 150 psi.

Features & Benefits
  • Maximum operating pressure: DM6: 70 psi (4,8 bar); DM12: 150 psi (10,3 bar)
  • Easy maintenance – traps are in-line repairable when isolated from live steam system and can be up and running again within minutes
  • Single blade element – offers long-term, trouble-free service because it’s not prone to dirt build-up as encountered with many other bimetal designs
  • Stainless Steel internals – leads to longer service life since materials are highly resistant to fatigue and corrosion
  • Modulating discharge – automatically adjusts to operating pressure and load
  • Continuous air and CO2 venting – maximizes heat transfer while minimizing corrosion

Sizes: 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″

Body Material: Carbon Steel

Max Allowable Pressure: 750 psi (51,7 bar)


Delta Element Warranty

Bestobell's delta element steam traps have up to a three year warranty guaranteeing no live steam loss. Find out more!

Bestobell Steam Express Shipments

Our Bestobell Steam Express Program offers you options to get the products you need, when you need them. Many of our products are available for next business day shipment. Look for Bestobell Steam Express in the product descriptions.

  • CRN (Canadian Registration Number)
Bestobell Express

The following steam traps are available to ship the next business day (order must be entered by 2:00p EST).

  • 1/2″ FNPT DM6
  • 3/4″ FNPT DM6
  • 1/2″ FNPT DM12
  • 3/4″ FNPT DM12

Some exclusions may apply

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